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We have certainly enjoyed our Wilbur here in the Pacific Northwest and thought we would send you a picture of "Salty" our 31 footer. Our cruising has taken us throughout the San Juan Islands and into Canada. We find that the boat handles extremely well in rough sea conditions and is an ideal cruising vessel in this environment. The quality and the economics of the Wilbur makes it one of the finest vessels that I have owned.

The picture shows our boat on Sequim Bay.

Mike & Ann Goff, Sequim, WA
We've been quite busy with 'Persephone'. We doubt you would recognize her! It has been such a thrill to watch the evolution from “in need of a good home” to the show girl she is fast becoming. This year marks the third season of fun in our 34’ Wilbur and we couldn’t be happier. We took on the task of putting a new Soundown ceiling in this year as well as re-painting the galley and helm station. No divorce court yet so we guess we can handle anything. Everywhere we go, people comment on what an extraordinary boat she is. There is not a weekend that passes that we are not either cruising to Block Island, fishing Long Island Sound or Montauk, or just plain enjoying the ride from the Mystic River to ………

Can’t wait for your next reunion! We are so anxious to show her off.

Regards to all ….without your crew this dream would never have happened!

- Lou & Janet Bonfoey, Connecticut

P.S. Love the picture at the end of Lee’s articles! That picture will always be a favorite of ours.
This photo was taken after last fall's hurricane in Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas. After the boat was separated from its mooring (by a loose sailing vessel), the boat rode on the pictured sea wall breaking the concrete in numerous places. The boat was then blown into the mangroves where it finally ended its brief journey. A local tug boat operator was hired to drag the boat off the grounding and as soon as it hit the water, we started it up and drove it to the boatyard. No water in the hull, no damage other than a few deep scratches and a slightly bent prop.

To say that you build a strong boat is an understatement.

-Howard Cherry, Owner 'Full Chat'
"FETCH always draws admiration and inquiry at marinas we visit and loves it when the waves are 8' to 12' and it's blowing like stink."

-Richard Butts, Annapolis, MD
Scott and I wish to express how pleased we have been with our 1990 34' Wilbur we currently own. The first two boats we owned were a 19' run-about and a 25' skiff, which we enjoyed using mostly on the waters of Long Island Sound.

Our third boat was a 30' Sisu that we bought as a kit and finished ourselves. We thought we had reached Nirvana with this down-east design. We had the Sisu for 15 years enjoying it immensely fishing the Sound and later the waters off Montauk, New York.

Seven years ago, when we bought our Wilbur, Nirvana took on a whole new meaning. In this size category, it is without doubt the most sea kindly boat I have fished on. We use it as a charter boat, sailing from Montauk. I fish at least 100 trips a year and all who have sailed on it are in awe of it's appearance and performance.

I would like to add that I am the Secretary for the Montauk Boatmen and Captains Association, with close to 100 members. Of the charter boats belonging, close to 50% are a downeast design. I believe this speaks for itself, when it comes to praising the Maine down-east hull.

Stret Whitting, Wake Boat Charters, Inc., Montauk, NY
UPDATE FROM STRET WHITTING--after delivery of his new Wilbur/Wesmac 42' Sportfish 'Wake'

Today I had 2 1/2 day trips with east-north-east winds 25 mph+. The morning resulted in over 30 bass landed to 20+ lbs. as well as over 30 bluefish landed. The morning trip was for 2 brothers and two of their sons, ages 11 and 14. The afternoon trip was for 5 people resulting in over 20 bass to 20+ lbs. and over 40 bluefish landed. Both groups could not get over how comfortable they were considering the bad weather.

Thought you would be interested in the attached e-mail I received--as follows:

Dear Stret,

I just wanted to thank you for the great time we had last Sunday on the "Wake".

First off, the boat is beautiful and quite impressive. It rides great and even with the choppy seas, it really provides a very stable platform.

Anyway, we have enjoyed fishing with you for the last four years and just wanted to thank you for your professionalism and fishing expertise!

A Fishing Charter Client

Stret Whitting, Wake Boat Charters, Inc., Montauk, NY
"We just came back from a two week cruise on "El Bucanero" to Catalina Island off of Southern California. I wanted to let you know that we continue to receive 'daily', if not hourly, compliments on our boat from other boaters. What amazes me on the compliments is that they frequently come from people that have wonderful boats (Offshore, Grand Banks, DeFever) all in top shape. But they are not just swinging by our boat to pay a simple compliment as much as to share their admiration for the Wilbur design and ask questions about our boat. I sincerely doubt any other boat owner had even a small percentage of compliments that we had. And once again, our Wilbur handled so smoothly and reliably the entire trip! We are very happy Wilbur owners." --Darlene Simmons, August 2002

El Bucanero, moored in Cherry Cove off Catalina Island, California.

"Catalina is really a beautiful place for Southern California boaters. We enjoy cruising to Catalina Island every year." --Darlene Simmons

El Bucanero is a beautiful Wilbur 34 Weekender originally built in 1989, and she is currently owned by Brad and Darlene Simmons.

- Darlene & Brad Simmons - San Diego, CA
UPDATE FROM BRAD AND DARLENE SIMMONS: Just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed cruising on our Wilbur in the Pacific Northwest this past summer. We cruised the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound and a bit north to the Johnston Strait. We even crossed the Strait of Georgia during small craft warnings and our Wilbur handled wonderful. Actually, she handled wonderful throughout the entire summer cruise!

We continually had people approach us and ask about our Wilbur, many of which we invited on board to give a tour. We provided contact info as many sincerely seemed interested in owning a Wilbur. Clearly these pacific northwest boaters spotted the beauty of the design, seaworthiness and quality that goes into a Wilbur.

We continually receive daily compliments on our Wilbur, no matter where we cruise. But for the two of us, she is quite a comfortable boat that handles perfectly for short and long distance cruising. We lived the entire summer onboard our boat - all quite comfortably.

While we live in San Diego, CA we are looking forward to going back up to the pacific northwest in 07 when we hope to cruise further north - to Alaska.

- Darlene & Brad Simmons - San Diego, CA
"Dichotomy will be ten years old this fall--and when I launch her in the spring of 2003, she will be starting her tenth year in Lake Superior."

"Dichotomy has performed beautifully in a variety of Lake Superior weather--and turns heads wherever she goes. At age 86 I still go out in her alone most of the time, anchor her with my stern lunch hook--make lunch--read--enjoy the scenery in a series of beautiful anchorages here in the Apostle Islands--retrieve--the anchor with my self tailing winch and return to our sheltered marina--where I can dock her by myself."

"She handles well with rudder and throttle--and did so for many years--this year with her new bow thruster--she can move sideways--something I could not do before. The bow thruster was largely to make her more saleable--as I face the inevitable fact that sooner or later you have to swallow the anchor--hopefully--not for a while."

-Frank Gokey
Our '97 Wilbur 34 'Sally Forth' (ex-name was 'Moonbeam') was sitting on a mooring about 200 yards out from the Port Clyde pier, the only Wilbur 34 around. The captain of one of the Mohegan mail-boats and another local fellow were standing on the pier end looking out at the mooring field while the mail-boat loaded. My friend happened to walk up behind them and overheard this much of the conversation:

Other fellow: "It's a Wilba."
Captain: "A Wilba----Nice boat a Wilba."
Seems to me you won't get a much higher form of praise.

Had a great trip back, engine and boat ran like a LSW (Little Swiss Watch).

- Bill Zierden
Finally....a real boat. Years ago I tried to buy a Penobscot 42, and have admired them for years. So, a chance to deliver 'Blueberry Gull', a Wilbur Northern Star 42 to it's owner was great. She proved to be a stout little ship, very comfortable, beautiful layout, a great pleasure to run in the ocean and the waterway. We were the only boat we saw moving north, and the only boat moving to Titusville during the remains of the tropical storm 'Mitch'. I liked the soft chine, narrow forefoot, lack of crashing and banging that I'm used to running hard chine boats. She's a real head-turner everywhere we went, a very comfortable home for two, with a neat head/shower thwart the galley and slide out berth in salon, making that large room very valuable.

We found anchoring much easier and delightful with inverter and genset in the lazarette.

I've run over a hundred different boats for twenty-five years and always wish I could run on proud boats like Lee Wilbur's Northern Star 'Blueberry Gull'.

- Captain Bill Lowe